Your Roofing Problems End Here

Your Roofing Problems End Here

Get a roof replacement in Salem, OR

If your home’s roof has suffered damage from age or weather, Jensen Exteriors is prepared to handle your roof replacement. As certified contractors for Owens Corning, we will install your selection of asphalt shingles, metal, cedar shake or tile.

Call us at 503-383-4176 to get an estimate on your roof replacement in Salem, OR.

3 signs your home might need a roof replacement

Do you know how to recognize a damaged or worn roof? There are numerous indicators your roof might need to be replaced, including:

  1. It’s more than 25 years old
  2. There are shingles missing
  3. There is moss or algae growing on your roof
  4. Your gutters are filled with asphalt granules
  5. There are shingles curling

Don’t wait until there’s a leak or extensive damage to contact a professional for a roof replacement. Jensen Exteriors will talk to you about the condition of your roof and the process of replacing it. Contact Jensen Exteriors today to schedule a roof installation in the Salem, OR area.