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Jensen Exteriors- The Best Local Roofer in Salem OR

The best local contractor for all of your needs!

We are residential roofing specialists that take pride in excellent craftsmanship, friendly customer service, and expert knowledge!

Our roofing crews have many tears of home roofing experience and can take care of any roof damage you may have quickly and with no effort on your part!

Jensen Exteriors works with all residential roofing systems and manufacturer products of roof shingles, underlayment, ventilation fans and other items and much more!

We offer free roof inspections that can be scheduled at a time of your convenience at no obligation to you, as well as offer advice on what to do if our expert should find any issues with your roofing system!

Dial 503-383-4176 now to learn more about the services we offer!

An Affordable Local Roofer in Salem, Oregon

If you are looking for an affordable local roofer to handle your roof repair or roof replacement, congratulations!

You are in the right place!

Jensen Exteriors keeps our pricing competitive by looking for the right materials at the lowest price available and by having developed a system of roofing service that makes us faster than the competition but never skimping on quality!

Many people with a truck and a ladder claiming to be roofing companies are anything but, and one of the fastest ways to spot these imposters is to double check their estimate against other established roofing contractors.

If the price they are offering seems much lower than the average, look out!

Don't get ripped off by these fakers; call Jensen Exteriors!

Contact us at 503-383-4176 to schedule a consultation for our remodeling services.

Residential Roofing Services in Salem, OR

For the best in residential roofing service in Salem Oregon, look no further and accept no substitutions!

Jensen Exteriors offers home roofing services that include:

Free Roof Inspection- When you call Jensen Exteriors the first step in taking care of you is by performing a free roof inspection to check for any possible weather roof damage or anything else that might be an issue. Our roof inspection can be performed at a time of your choosing, so you don't have to rearrange your schedule around ours! What have you got to lose with free?

Roof Weather Damage Repair- If your roof has experienced weather damage, such as hail knocking the gravel off of your roof or shingles lifted by high winds, the experts at Jensen Exteriors are here to help! And while not directly damage from a storm, damage caused by scraping or falling tree limbs and branches during a storm fall under our expertise as well!

Roof Replacement- Significant roof damage or advanced age can necessitate roof replacement, and when your roof needs to be replaced trust the experts at Jensen Exteriors to get it done right! We can replace your roof no matter what type of roofing system you have, and we specialize in steep pitch roof repair and replacement that our competitors will pass on because they aren't up to the challenge!

Roof Leak Repair- A leaky roof is a problem that can lead to so much more damage, but you don't have to let it happen! Jensen Exteriors offers affordable leak detection and roof leak repair; all we need is access to your roof and attic to find the trouble area, retrieve the materials we need to match your roof if shingles need to be replaced and get to work!

Insurance Claim Assistance- It is a sad truth that many people get the short end of the stick when dealing with their homeowner's insurance company; this is the case when it comes to roofing insurance claims as well! Our experts will help you through the claims process, answering any questions and acting as your advocate to make sure you get a fair deal!

Emergency Roofing- Accident don't always happen during regular business hours, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck while rain pours through a new hole in your roof caused by the inclement weather! Jensen Exteriors has a crew on standby for emergency roof service to effect immediate measures to ensure the safety and protection of your family and belongings until proper repairs can be made!

Fascia and Soffit Repair- You don't have to call a professional carpenter when your home's fascia or soffit elements need to be repaired; just call us! The roofing team at Jensen Exteriors makes soffit and fascia repairs look easy! When these sections of your home are damaged, they become a potential gateway to rodents like mice and squirrels as well as insects! Don't wait until your house becomes home to these creatures!

Roof Ventilation Repair and Replacement- Your home's roofing ventilation is a critical aspect of your house's ability to regulate internal temperature and moisture. Things like bad weather can damage your roof ventilation, and in the case of external fans and the like, high winds can even blow them away! We can repair and replace your roofing ventilation devices!

We also offer the following services for your home:

Windows- Jensen Exteriors is also a home services company that provides window repair, replacement, or installation of new windows! We can help your home to become more energy efficient by installing state of the art windows designed for this purpose, saving you money and possibly giving you a tax break at the same time!

Siding- Does the siding of your home need to be repaired or replaced? Has your siding taken a beating from hail and other calamities and is in need of some love? Jensen Exteriors offers affordable, high-quality siding repair and replacement services for homes in the Salem area. GIve us a ring for a free quote on your siding needs!

Exterior Painting- You don't need a new home; you need for your home to look new by calling us for an exterior painting service! Our painting crews are the best there is at what they do! If you are ready to give your neighbors a bad case of house envy and for you to feel like you just moved in- give us a call for home exterior painting!

If you aren't sure if we do something you need, simply call us!

Jensen Exteriors is always happy to answer questions, and we'll never treat you like a number!

Choose Jensen Exteriors to help you enhance your Salem, OR home with exterior remodeling services.

Contractor License Number: 22035

The Anatomy of an Asphalt Shingle Roof

The expert local roofing contractor team at Jensen Exteriors understands the anatomy asphalt shingle roof like no other! We believe that one of the areas that other roofing companies fall short in is in educating homeowners about their roofing systems, and we stand out from them by doing just that! The various components of an asphalt shingle roof (the most common residential roofing type) are:

The Deck- This is the plywood that is the structural basis your roof is built on, which shingles and underlayment are nailed onto.

The Underlayment- An underlayment is a water-resistant layer, often made of fiberglass, which stands as a barrier between moisture that penetrates your shingles and the deck of your roof.

Valley Barriers- These barriers are an extra level of protection against rain and other moisture for places where different planes of your roof intersect.

Metal Drip Edge- A metal drip edge runs along the edges of the lowest point of your roof where water runs off of it, protecting your roof from potential buildups of snow and rain.

Ridge Vent- A ridge vent is a special, matching set of shingles combined with a type of shielded filter which allows warm, humid air to escape your attic. This vent runs along a ridge or top of a shingled area.

Ventilation Fan- While not all roofs feature these, a ventilation fan is a common thing to see sticking out of a residential roof which allows air to escape and your house to "breathe."

Fascia and Soffit- The soffit of your home is the underside of an overhanging portion of your roof, which can suffer damage as your home shifts naturally or from other sources. The fascia of your home are the boards that run horizontally along the edge of your roof.

Flashing- Flashing is a type of weatherproofing that is used to seal areas around objects that protrude from your roof such as chimneys, vents, pipes and other things.

Our Other Home Services

While we are the best Salem OR roofing company, Jensen Exteriors also offers window services, siding services, and exterior painting services. We have repaired, replaced, and installed windows for homeowners in the Salem area for many years, and pride ourselves on the long list of satisfied customers we have helped in this regard.

Jensen Exteriors also boasts a highly experienced team of siding experts to affect siding repairs and replacement, offering our customers a number of options to meet any budget to make their homes the envy of the neighborhood!

Finally, we offer residential home exterior painting services in Salem Oregon and the surrounding area to make this place continue to be the most attractive place to live in the U.S.!

If we can help you with any of these or our other services, please let us know!

The Best Home Roofing Company

What makes us the best home roofing company in Salem, OR?

We are the best local roofer because we are constantly improving every aspect of what we do; from how we interact with customers (from beginning to follow-up), to the techniques we use to make roof repairs and roof replacements, to the materials we use, and beyond!

Jensen Exteriors is also the best roofing company in Salem because we provide value in the craftsmanship we stand behind with a full warranty at an affordable price! What good is it to be the best at something, if no one can afford your services?

Our commitment to you is to partner with you to make the best choices for your roof, be your ally in any claim with your insurance company and to provide results that will leave you impressed and your neighbors jealous!

To experience the Jensen Exteriors for yourself, contact us today for a free roof inspection and a consultation with one of our roofing experts!

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